Georges Adamczyk

Georges Adamczyk         Professor / Architecture / Université de Montréal 

Main Axes: 2, 3 and 5
Main methodological vectors: Analysis / Critique / Diffusion


Georges Adamczyk is professor at the School of architecture, Université de Montréal. He was the director of the School from June 1999 to June 2007. He is a research member of the Laboratoire d’étude de l’architecture potentielle (LEAP). Previously, he was professor at the Department of Design of the Quebec University in Montreal since 1977. With a design background, he holds diploma of design from UQAM and a master in environmental design (Architecture History and Theories) from University of Montreal. At UQAM, he was director of the Environmental Design program (1977-1982), temporary director of the Art History program (1982-1983) and director of the Design department (1984-1989) now School of design at UQAM. From 1992 to June 1999, he was the director of the Design Center at UQAM, a gallery dedicated to exhibitions and discussions on the city, architecture, landscape, design and graphic media. He is co-founder of SILO, an architectural review dedicated to modern architecture and published by Studio Cube in the nineties. He has been also a regular member of the editorial board of ARQ Architecture Quebec for ten years. He is a member of the pedagogical orientation committee for the performing arts of Montreal. He participates occasionally in architectural competitions, regularly in advisory committees, jury on architecture and design competitions. He is the author of numerous articles, communications, publications and exhibitions.

He was a member of the organization of the symposium Architecture and cultural identity  in Montreal in 1983 under the direction of Kenneth Frampton and the co-director of the Rencontre Le Corbusier at UQAM in 1987. He has contributed to the book Architectural installations published by the Canadian Center for Architecture in 1999. He has organized the exhibition (2000) and written and edited the catalogue (2004) of Maisons-Lieux/Houses-Places for the Biennale de Montreal. He was the guest curator of the exhibition Objets trouvés installed by Saucier + Perrotte at the Canadian Pavillon of the Venice Biennale 2004. He was also invited to contribute to two recent books: Substance over Spectacle by Andrew Gruft (2005) and Guide de l’architecture contemporaine de Montréal by Nancy Dunton and Helen Malkin (2008). As a member of Leap, he contributes to the first major research on Canadian Architecture Competitions since 1940.


Intérêts de recherche : Histoire et théorie de l'architecture. Mouvement moderne. Architecture urbaine. Concours d’architecture. Critique architecturale. Expositions d'architecture. Pédagogie du projet architectural.

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